Meet the Team


Mark Gander

Big Chief CEO

The founder of Union Power Energy with extensive knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry.

Known for his superior selling ability, brilliant customer and supplier relations and awesome leadership qualities.

DAVE GREGOR Sales Director Extraordinaire

Dave Gregor

Sales Director Extraordinaire

Business partner and king at “sealing the deal.”

From housing estates or schools to major corporates, Dave has the perfect solution for all. With over 20 years sales experience we consider him one of the best in the business.

WESLEY HARTLAND Technical Manager Wunderkund and all-round great guy

Wesley Hartland

Technical Manager Wunderkund and all-round great guy

Fondly known as the “Inverter Whisperer” Wesley is our Technical chief at Union Power Energy with an unbelievable knowledge for anything solar. He is a great team leader with the ability to get the job done, perfectly and on time.


KEAGAN GREYVENSTEIN Installation leader and general rock star

Keagan Greyvenstein

Installation leader and general rock star

PV Green card approved installation expert.

Young, keen and brilliant, with a track record of impeccable installations.

MICHELLE DORFLING Finance and HR Manager Hotshot

Michelle Dorfling

Finance and HR Manager Hotshot

Basically, the Boss, Michelle runs the show from a Finance and HR point of view.

Attention to detail and never missing a beat is her claim to fame.

JUSTINE LEE Marketing Magic Maker and “Work Mom”

Justine Lee

Marketing Magic Maker and “Work Mom”

Always looking for fun and exciting ways to market and promote the Union Power offerings.

Justine gets the word out about the great work Union Power Energy does, ensuring people think of us first when looking for a world class renewable energy solution.



Sandy Barella

Sales Guru

Dynamite truly does come in small packages. Sandy is our sales dynamo, with a very strong reputation for her amazing client relations and service.

Friendly and efficient, Sandy is always commended on her ways of working, internally and externally.

CAITLIN HARTLAND Office Manager Queen

Caitlin Hartland

Office Manager Queen

Our friendly and very technically knowledgeable office manager is always ready and available to assist you with any query or quote request you may have.

She is the glue the keeps the day to day running of the office together and ensures the installation teams are scheduled and organized.

UNION POWER BOMB SQUAD The whole Union Power Energy squad

Union Power BOMB Squad

The whole Union Power Energy squad

All passionate, talented and excited to help you with your unique needs.

Collectively we have been working together and excelling in renewable energy installations for over 15 years.